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United States Flagus-powerball@2x$523,000,000Buy Ticket
Austria Flagat-euromillions@2x€130,000,000 Buy Ticket
France Flagfr-euromillions@2x€130,000,000 Buy Ticket
Ireland Flagie-euromillions@2x€130,000,000 Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-euromillones@2x€130,000,000 Buy Ticket
Portugal Flagpt-euromilhões@2x€130,000,000 Buy Ticket
United Kingdom Flaguk-euromillions@2x£111,000,000 Buy Ticket
Finland Flageurojackpot@2x€21,000,000 Buy Ticket
Ireland Flagie-lotto@2x€18,000,000 Buy Ticket
United States Flagus-mega-millions@2x$20,000,000 Buy Ticket
United States Flagus-tx-lotto@2x$18,750,000 Buy Ticket
Portugal Flagpt-totoloto@2x€9,900,000 Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-el-gordo@2x€6,700,000 Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-aus-powerball@2x
Buy Ticket
Hungary Flaghu-hatoslottó@2x1,600,000,000Ft
Buy Ticket
Poland Flagpl-lotto@2x18,000,000zł Buy Ticket

United States Flag
us-ny-lotto@2x$4,000,000 Buy Ticket
Canada Flagca-lotto-6x49@2xCan$5,000,000 Buy Ticket
Hungary Flaghu-ötöslottó@2x1,100,000,000Ft
Buy Ticket
France Flagfr-lotto@2x€3,000,000 Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-saturday-lotto@2xA$4,000,000 Buy Ticket
South Africa Flagza-lotto@2xR35,000,000 Buy Ticket
Austria Flagat-lotto@2x€1,400,000 Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-oz-lotto@2xA$2,000,000 Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-bonoloto@2x€800,000 Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-mo-and-we-lotto@2xA$1,000,000 Buy Ticket
New Zealand Flagnz-lotto@2xNZ$1,000,000 Buy Ticket
South Africa Flagza-powerball@2xR9,000,000 Buy Ticket
South Africa Flagza-powerball-plus@2xR7,000,000 Buy Ticket
Ukraine FlagMegalot logo12,000,000₴ Buy Ticket

Ukraine Flag

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Colombia Flagco-baloto@2xCOP33.7 Billion Buy Ticket
Italy Flagit-millionday@2x€1 Million
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Japan Flagjp-takarakuji-mini-loto@2x¥10 Million Buy Ticket
Japan Flagjp-takarakuji-loto-6@2x¥200 Million Buy Ticket
Japan Flagjp-takarakuji-loto-7@2x¥600 Million Buy Ticket
Peru Flagpe-tinka@2xS/2.6 Million Buy Ticket

The Lotter is a veteran lottery site that has been in operation since 2002. During this time it has proven that it is one of the best lottery sites around, enabling most players to legally participate in more than 60 lotteries from around the world.

The Lotter’s system works because they buy official lottery tickets on your behalf, with participants then receiving a scanned copy of each purchased ticket. A brilliant idea!

No additional fees are taken out of winnings and you only pay an initial fee for the service iteself on top of the official lottery ticket price. This is how they do business.

This responsive site has an intuitive and clean design, with their focus being exclusively on Lotteries and Scratchards. For the best mobile experience we recommend using mobile apps, Android or iOS.

You will probably only need one or two payment methods because new ideas are regularly being implemented and, due to their sheer variety, you shouldn’t experience any problems making deposits and playing from your home country.

We tested customer support multiple times in various languages, who were always very helpful in providing a solution.

For two decades, more than 100 million in prizes have been paid out to over six million winners, which also serves as a guarantee of quality and that theLotter is not a scam. In summary, this puts it in first place as the absolute best online lottery site.

If you are in India, LottoSmile is theLotter’s official brand for this country, so don’t be surprised when you get redirected there.

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