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Lotteries Jackpot More Info Buy Ticket
United States Flag us-powerball@2xUnited States Flag$490,000,000More InfoBuy Ticket
United States Flag us-mega-millions@2x$432,000,000More InfoBuy Ticket
Italy Flagit-superenalotto-superstar@2x€85,800,000More Info Buy Ticket
Austria Flagat-euromillions@2x€49,000,090More Info Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-euromillones@2x€49,000,090More Info Buy Ticket
Ireland Flagie-euromillions@2x€49,000,090More Info Buy Ticket
France Flagfr-euromillions@2x €49,000,090 More Info Buy Ticket
Belgium Flagbe-euromillions@2x€49,000,09More Info Buy Ticket
United Kingdom Flaguk-euromillions@2x £42,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
Switzerland Flagch-euromillions@2x 49,000,090CHFMore Info Buy Ticket
Finland Flageurojackpot@2x€21,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
Denmark Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Italy Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Czech Republic Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Lithuania Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Latvia Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Netherlands Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Slovenia Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Sweden Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Spain Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Croatia Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Germany Flageurojackpot@2x €21,000,000 More Info Buy Ticket
Ireland Flagie-lotto@2x€17,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-el-gordo@2x€6,700,000More Info Buy Ticket
United Kingdom Flaguk-lotto@2x£2,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
France Flagfr-lotto@2x€2,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-aus-powerball@2xA$3,000,000More Info Buy Ticket
Brazil Flagbr-mega-sena@2x3,000,000R$More Info Buy Ticket
Hungary Flageurojackpot@2x21,000,000FtMore Info Buy Ticket
United States Flagus-ny-cash4life@2x$1,000More Info Buy Ticket
Loterianacional-extraordinaro105 MillionBuy Ticket
eurojackpot@2x€ 21 million Buy Ticket
Spain Flages-el-gordo@2x€ 6.7 million Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-saturday-lotto@2xA$ 5 million Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-aus-powerball@2xA$ 3 million Buy Ticket
Australia Flagau-oz-lotto@2xA$ 2 million Buy Ticket
unannounced Buy Ticket
United Kingdom Flag
unannounced Buy Ticket
United States Flagus-ca-superlotto-plus@2xUS$ 19 million Buy Ticket
United States Flagus-fl-lotto@2xUS$ 1.3 million Buy Ticket
Brazil Flagbr-mega-sena@2xR$ 3 million Buy Ticket

Q1. Can I play world lotteries from my country?

A1. Yes, you can play the most of the worlds biggest lottery from anywhere in the world. If the lottery does not allow option to buy ticket online, there are world’s biggest lottery lottery agents, where you can buy ticket online.

Q2. What is a difference to play lottery online?

A2. There are no differences between to play lottery online and buying the ticket in a store.
When you play online, you play the same lottery game with the same rules and prizes.

Q3. What is a lottery agent?

A3. Lottery agent provides a world’s biggest lottery lottery service in that they operate as couriers on your behalf.
They purchase your lottery tickets for you and handle everything from start to finish. This service enables you to playworld’s biggest lottery from other countries.

Q4. Is it safe to play lottery online?

A4. Short answer is yes.
Longer answer is, that there are many scammers using all kinds of tricks to get money out of you, therefore you should always be careful. All websites mentioned here are legitimate world’s biggest lottery lottery sites with a trackable history. We want you to help to avoid those fake websites and help you to choose the best service.

Q5. What is a syndicate or lottery group?

A5. One of the most popular ways to play lottery is as part of a group or syndicate. In this case chances of winning are considerably increased and the prize money gets split between all of the participants.

Q6. Can I participate in multiple draws?

A6. Yes, the number of advanced draws that you can participate in depends on the particular game.

Q7. How many tickets I can buy at once?

A7. There is no limit for purchasing tickets so you can buy as many tickets as you want for a particular draw.

Q8. Where can I check past lottery numbers?

A8. You can find history world’s biggest lottery lottery results at Cobarn.org Just click on the world’s biggest lottery lottery that you are interested in and see the history results section. If you need more then last ten draws, click on the button below More History Results.

Q9. How do I claim my winning prize?

A9. The process to claim a prize depends on the game and where are you come from. Please check for details on how to claim prizes on the particular world’s biggest lottery page.

Q10. How long do I have to claim my winning prize?

A10. There is usually a more than 30 days time to claim prizes. For more details, please check info on particular lottery page. By purchasing the ticket online, you will be automatically notified of any prizes and the details on how to claim them.

Q11. How soon can I claim the prize of a winning ticket?

A11. As soon as the draw is finished, the results are verified and published you can claim your prize. Usually it is couple of hours after the official draw time.

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